Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Welcome to my blog! (is anyone out there to welcome? Perhaps this is a blank welcome. A welcome with no apparent listeners... An echo...) I will continue regardless.

I am a Graphic Designer who lives in a small apartment in Vancouver surrounded by ocean, rain and coffee shops. I am in the process of discovering, organizing and sharing angles that may inspire my career. I'm curious about this medium - the water is warm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello :) I hope to be a Graphic Designer living in Vancouver some day. I look forward to reading more about you.

Anonymous Cynthia Koerner said...

Dear Jane,
Hi. I saw your stuff (?) on 43 things and you are so interesting! I love art, adventure, community, traveling; I loved your photos of France. Tell me, in what way did you travel? Do you go alone, or with a school, or just how? I'm curious as my 16 yo daughter and I have the traveling bug. I have traveled through Europe as well when I was younger and went alone. I currently live in FL, have three home birthed, home schooled children and love life! I have a wonderful supportive community of friends. Please write back; I would love to hear your story. warmly, Cynthia Koerner p.s., I am canadian but have lived in FL most of my life!


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