Monday, January 01, 2007

My 2006

Just a few of my favourite things. From top to bottom:

World Changing, a book designed by Stefan Sagmeister, full of social and environmental goodness. Cache, a beautiful and thought-provoking French film. By Hand: The Use of Craft in Contemporary Art, an inspirational book that makes me want to resurrect my old Singer sewing machine. Apex, a simple sans serif font that actually feels new without being obvious. Smitten Kitchen, a sweet blog with amazing photographs, ideas and recipes. Karin Bubas, a new photographer whose exhibit in Vancouver made me swoon. Blueprint Magazine, from Martha, great layout, flawless typography, and fun diy ideas to boot. Laura Letinsky, another photographer who caught my eye. Joanna Newsom, well, those strange sounds have kind of grown on me.

Ah 2006. My original list of favourites was a neverending story. So I stopped at nine. What a slice.



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