Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On Using Time Wisely

This list is a peek into my professional life. Or possible lack thereof. It is part of a series of questions to help uncover one's professional calling. Sometimes I wonder if I am cut out to be a graphic designer. Sometimes I wonder if it's what I really want or what really suits me. Sometimes it's foggy. But then, sometimes it's clear as an afternoon in June. I like those days.

List ten things you do to avoid working.

1. Watch the Food Network. I work from home, where the tv is rather dangerous.

2. Go for a walk. When it's sunny, I feel walking is necessary. Sometimes walking turns into wandering... into stopping for coffee... and into the bookstore where the hours inevitably wilt away.

3. Call a friend. Because I need some human interaction.

4. Get lost amongst the mass of creative blogs. It helps to set a time limit. And stick to it.

5. Go shopping. Shopping is a great source of inspiration. All the colours and textures, surprising the senses.

6. Organize. Think about organizing. I like to be organized. I am not so organized.

7. Snack. Energy. Yum.

8. Download new music. This always takes longer that I expect.

9. Nap. Because I'm tired.

10. Make lists. I think I waste a lot of time planning. It sounds productive, but it actually borders obsessive.

Now I just have to figure out how to focus more on the task at hand. Is it just a matter of discipline? Perhaps I can find ways to incorporate some of the things on this list into my work. I'll have to put a little more thought into this.

By the way, this clock, as shown above, would undoubtedly use up hours and hours of my time. It's diy-ness would have me forever playing with different combinations, splayed out on the wall, stacked on shelves, hanging like a mobile from the ceiling...



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