Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tune 'n Radio

This FM radio from Dutch studio Wouter Geense is design-it-yoursef at its finest. It does not just encourage you to become part of the product, it is required. They will send you a box, in your choice of colour, and you are left to drill the holes and add knobs and an antenna. They rest on the theory that this experience will bring the user closer to the product. Suddenly the radio has more value than money and music; it is your own personal object d'art.

Other products that encourage the user to add a personal touch:
My Pet Lamp: you are given markers to write on the lamp, little notes, doodles, or reminders.
Beck CD Cover: you are given stickers to add as you please. This is also smart because stickers can be stuck anywhere: reminders of Beck on the fridge, on binders, desks, bedside tables...



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