Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Working with Red

This year I opted for the classic black moleskine diary, but I'm totally in love with the red one, as pictured above, upper left. And it got me thinking. Red has been hot lately. I never used to like it that much; it's not a very me colour; I usually gravitate toward the more muted hues. But what better to compliment the muted hues, the grays of winter, the beiges of home, the whites of mac... than a bolt of red. It's perfect, really.

So, clockwise, after the moleskine:

Little bullclips to keep all your to-dos to-gether. An adorable lunchbag I'd be proud to pack everyday with little sandwiches, strawberries, and jars of juice. A set of pens and pencils, not necessarily for crossing out mistakes. Rather, i see hearts and doodles and big red blobs. This Doorganizer is adorable and such a great idea. I am infamous for being late due to lost items, misplaced keys, and things forgotten. And of course the classic Russel and Hazel binder, so beautiful. There is always some room for red.



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