Sunday, February 11, 2007

Elum Letterpress

Was out shopping the other day, when I came across a line of stationery by Elum. They use letterpress and relief plates, which allow the image to be raised from the paper, an almost 3d effect, amazing texture, and beautiful thick cotton-rag paper. When I picked one up, my mouth dropped.

I also love the idea behind the above card, which comes in a package with three different stickers. Fun. You can customize the card design to meet the occasion. And the sticker is a really special way to close/open the card. It seems more complete.

We know that you can email a friend a message in mere seconds, and we know that stationery isn't the necessity that it used to be. But, we see stationery as having a new place in our technological world. We see it as art. Our cards are like small pieces of art that have been handcrafted on some of the most beautiful printmaking papers from around the world...



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