Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Squares in the Home

Wanting the unit on the left, from Olivier and Co. It's a table made out of boxes. Sweet, subtle, useful. They also have wall hangings, some complex, some more simple, all integrating various areas for storage and little chalkboards to leave messages. I'm thinking about how I can reinterpret this and create it myself. It makes a perfect little vision for my entrance hallway. Oh Exciting.


Download and print your very own Graph Paper. I love this tool because I know I have graph paper. Can I find it when I need it? No.

Here's a fine idea to use boxes to organize odds-n-ends in drawers.

Make your own flor carpets. These have been on my list since the beginning. No commitment. Always free to mix and match and break it up or add more.... so fun.



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