Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Blueprint Magazine

Finally found in Vancouver shops today!

Ten things I love about the above snippets (and Blueprint in general): 01. Yellow... and their attempt to brighten this gray season. 02. Sweet fun-lovin font mixin. 03. Great ideas for low budget art. 04. Title containers. 05. Big page numbers. 06. Adorning type with brackets and arrows and little flowers. 07. It is both classic and contemporary. 08. Organized yet unpretentious. 09. Great ideas for actual small spaces. 10. The content in this magazine is actually relative and worth reading! Boy, that makes me happy.

They also have a new blog: Bluelines.

note regarding no.09: When I saw what Editor Sarah could do with her tiny tiny wee small place, I actually felt inspired to move somewhere smaller so I can put the money I save into more custom pieces, more character, more beautiful fabrics.... more of everything I loooove. Yes. I'm inspired.



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