Monday, March 05, 2007


Above are colours from Pantone's Spring 2007 Fashion Colour Report. The pantone numbers and CMYK equivalents(!) are available from Design Edge Canada (scroll down).

Whenever the season is ready to change, I am generally ready to change along with it. I start thinking about new things I want to try, new images, new wardrobe items, new paint colours for my apartment... This season I am thinking BIG. I was introduced many years ago to the idea of a Mondo Beyondo. Images of sweepingly general, easily forgotten new year's resolutions may come to mind. But no. The mondo beyondo really encompasses the big things, things that seem impossible, things you only dare to dream. Things that make your heart jump just thinking about them. These are some of my current (unedited) thoughts:

1. Embrace improvisational cooking.
2. Design for Designers.
3. Be able to pick up a guitar and sing a tune.
4. Attend the Ecole du Louvre.
5. Learn to speak French fluently.
6. Show in a gallery. Or curate an exhibit.
7. Wear dresses all the time.
8. Be a published author.
9. Host a large dinner party.
10. Bake for friends.

Why not? I smile thinking. This is a really great exercise. And writing it down really makes it real. Already I am thinking of small ways, small steps that I can begin to take. eee.



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