Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Declutter Your Desktop

This is surely the easiest, cheapest, most useful DIY I've seen in a long time. Most useful - because I have been battling a mess of cables for so long, and it actually seemed to worsen when I switched from a desktop to a laptop; and let's not forget the addition of an ipod, cellphone, and digital camera (to quickly equal messy).

I saw it on the ever-industrious Ikea Hacker. It originated over at Decluttered, where you can find the full instructions, as well as extra tips in the very lengthy list of comments.

For future reference, when my career is more solid, I would like to start another blog devoted to turning my apartment into a home. I have so many clippings and swatches and ideas floating around. They need to be put in a place that might inspire me into action. This might be it. But no time now.



Blogger Phoebe said...


i am so with you on this experience of "clippings and swatches and ideas floating around." on the other hand, that's the great thing about a blog-- it's kind of like a wonderful, bottomless file that you can share with others and get feedback about... and *archive* your own ideas in the process, which is nice too.

i'd love to see more of your "clippings and swatches and ideas" about your [apartment-> home] project -- would you share them, even if they're purely hypothetical at this stage?



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