Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Not Another Black Laptop Bag

A good laptop bag is not easy to find (this is a conclusion made via personal experience). But there are actually a ton of options, from classic to whimsical, girly to modern, subtle to bold. They do not have to be basic. They can be fashionable, luscious, colourful... anything to add character to an otherwise dull workday. These are some I've come across:

1. Gaya: Briefcase 2. Kolo Bags: Gina B Bella Laptop Bag 3. Angela Adams: Hannah Briefcase 4. Casauri: Laptop Brief 5. Tucano: Domina 6. Acme Made: Cargo in Plaid Tan 7. Matt & Nat: Shaft 8. Vlieger & Vandam: Not a Laptop 9. Mandarina Duck: File Briefcase 10. Melissa Beth: Pocket Full of Puter 11. Carga Bags: 02



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