Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I sat back, admiring my midnight E doodle, picking out shapes: raindrops, leaves, a mustache, sperm, goggles, nothing entirely unexpected. Then it hit me. I saw a bird, landing on a large piece of driftwood, nestled in the sand. Do you see it?

I love moments like this, when I have no expectations, and no vision - when I just follow my pen. Even when the results are ok at best, there is always something that draws me back and feels a little magical.

It's not often that I write my own experiences in this blog, or share my own stuff - and often I wonder, why? I'm starting to feel too safe. Well, we'll see.



Anonymous Sandra said...

Yes, I see the bird! =) Beautiful, by the way.
As Picasso said; "Inspiration exists but it has to find you working".
Greetings ;)

Blogger Michael said...

i see it! :)

great stuff!
i'm a big fan of white space.



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