Friday, January 26, 2007

Publish it Yourself

The ultimate Design-it-yourself project, in my mind, is to publish an entire book. Now that various self-publishers are gaining great reputations and offering endless options, it’s quite viable, maybe even easy.

Lulu seems to be an online favourite, but I really like the site design and page samples over at Blurb. I am seriously tempted by the portfolio section. And my dream-project-list has been swimming with cook books, picture books, colour-inspired books, travel photo books, books, books, books.

Or... if you aren’t up for creating a whole book, perhaps you’d like to create your very own Penguin Book Cover. It’s interesting to see how people have interpreted/designed/visiualized the works of greats like Virginia Woolf and Oscar Wilde. Frankly, I love the books left blank; all white with the little orange penguin perfectly composed in the corner. Beautiful.

Or... if you don’t really want to make anything... Remember those great little Choose Your Own Adventure books? They were way ahead of their time. And now, you can even download them onto your Ipod ( for free! until Jan 25).

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