Thursday, February 08, 2007

Antoine et Manuel

I first came across Antoine et Manuel in Avignon, France, where I spotted a fabulous felt-marker coloured poster. Fascinated, I had to know the name behind the design.

So I followed these crazy posters all about town, to eventually land at Collection Lambert, a contemporary art gallery. I especially noted its graphic identity (a logo hand drawn in pencil) and a display of more posters.

I was tempted to ask about the designer, but held back, and decided to spend some time in the gallery shop. There I found a line of books published by Pyramyd Editions, including a book about Antoine and Manuel, their designs for Lambert, and other great work, like the above brochure for Christian Lacroix. (And the book was little enough to squish into my backpack! I was thrilled!)

It also got me thinking. It's not always easy to find the designer behind the design. Hm. I'm still thinking about it. Without resolution.



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