Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Antony Gormley

I have been researching London like crazy lately (counting the days til I board my flight!)... finding great shops, design-heaven, eats, streets, artists, galleries... stuff beyond the usual. I will probably be talking about Brits for the next couple of months.

Along my journey, I came across the Southbank Centre which touches all corners of the art scene, from music to literature to the visual arts. They will soon be exhibiting the new work of British Sculptor Antony Gormley. Besides a selection of work inside the gallery, the exhibit will also feature sculptural casts of the artist’s body on rooftops and public walkways across central London, dramatically transforming the city skyline.



Blogger Talk of the Town said...

Great that you're going to London! I spent a few years in the South of the UK, and am married to a Brit! Watch out for those English men!!! : )


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