Friday, April 13, 2007

Gathering Colour and Pattern

This image of fabrics, colours and patterns has been floating amongst my boxes of stuff for a long time. For some reason, it never tires. It must be that girly-without-being-girly-girl type of aesthetic that I always love.

So, when I came across the Colour Palette Generator, this image immediately came to mind. Basically, the Colour Palette Generator takes any image from any website and pulls out a palette of corresponding web colours, both dull and vibrant (as shown in the second image above; the image is a scan from a magazine, elle decor uk i think).

To use the generator, you will need to obtain the url of an image from a website. How? "Ctrl-click" on the image, click on "properties," and it should come up with an "http//www.-site-.jpg" under "location." (This is for a mac, but is similar for pc).

To get a screen shot: shift-command-3. A Picture file will save to your desktop, which can then be opened in PhotoShop, if needed.

These are things I only recently learned, but have used them so many times since... how did I ever get along without them?

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Blogger Phoebe said...

oh, this is such a great tool! thanks for the tip! can you say more about what kinds of uses you see for it?

Blogger jane said...

Phoebe, I would (I have!) used it for finding colour palettes for creating websites; but I'm sure there are other uses... general inspiration...

Anonymous j. vorwaller said...

hey jane! my guy loves that generator...seems like it would come in handy for so many other things too...decorating...wardrobe planning..:) and general fun with color...



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