Friday, April 06, 2007

Wakerly and Barns

Was attempting to find content for a lovely little Easter post (unsuccessfully, I might add). Rose and Radish has a nice Easter section but what really caught my eye was their pic of Erica Wakerly's House Wallpaper. See more of her fabulous patterns here. I'm already trying to imagine where it could go: a feature wall, a side table, a subtle spot like a closet, hanging in a frame as art, wrapped around storage boxes...

Note how some of the houses look like M's!

And... WOW. I want to convert a barn. Found this essential guide on the website of UK's Homes and Gardens Magazine. and some barns here.

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Blogger Talk of the Town said...

Wow! I love that wallpaper! Just stumbled upon your's great! Full of cool stuff. I love the mugs too. It'd be fab to have a cupboard full of them.


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