Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mink Chocolates

Mink Chocolates is my new favourite Vancouver cafe. for so many reasons. 1. (obviously) hand-made chocolate bars to die for. 2. awesome quality coffee and hot chocolate. 3. you get a little chunk of chocolate with your cup o coffee. 4. a fondue bar! 5. their branding, the swirls, the colours are so luscious. 6. I just can't resist names like "Tawny and Ruby are Friends," "No Grumpy," "Open in Case of Emergency," "Certifiably Nutty..." and this cheeky touch makes them perfect for gift-giving. 7. their packaging: brown coffee bean bags, stamped with their name. 8. they live by the water. Ah...



Blogger Phoebe said...


couldn't find your email so i'm going to ask you this via comment.

could you recommend a source for oversized, graphic wall calendars? ~ stendig, but maybe a wee bit more practical?

would love your thoughts.

thank you!


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