Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Idea for Hanging Small Prints

I've been having a long-term love affair with small pieces of art. Gems from Tiny Showcase, Etsy, Art Magazines, Student Art Shows, Postcards, ATCs.... they're everywhere and they're often affordable. So I have this collection. Now what? I want to display some, I want to avoid frames, I want to enhance the textures and rough edges, I see a creative opportunity. So:

Materials: 12x12" sheets of wood, needles, hammer, hooks for back, some small pieces of art. To do: 1. Attach hooks to back of wood. 2. lay small piece of art in center of piece of wood. 3. Using hammer, lightly tap the needles into each corner of artwork and into the wood, just enough to hold it in place. 4. Once all four corners are nailed, lift artwork away from wood so it rests against the head of the needle. Art should rest about an inch away from wood. Voila! Hang on wall and admire your handiwork.

The above artworks are two of my personal favourites. On the left is the amazing Camilla Engman. On the right is a print I found in a little boutique in Paris. Ah memories. Makes my heart skip a little.

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Blogger Electronic Goose said...

I love small prints, too, and the way you "framed" them -- leaves art the focal point -- great!

Blogger Phoebe said...

very beautiful... great idea... i just got this idea and am all excited about it... the effect would be less polished, though. When I get my act together and buy it and install it, I'll post picks. for now, here's the link of the map rail...

Blogger Betagal said...

This is a beautiful idea!
I just found your blog this morning, I'm definitely going to bookmark it. :)


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