Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I do not mesh well with history and politics, and cannot dive into a discussion about France 1968. I do, however, know impact and revolution when I see it. And it inspires me, even if not in the same way it was originally intended. The above posters are bold, fearless, raw, simple, created with true confidence. None of this subtle designy foo foo.

See more posters from the student revolt in Paris 1968 here.

By the way, loose translations of the above: be young and shut up/be quiet/be concealed (left) and he's the shit (right). Funny how these sayings have carried on and changed and become part of everyday language.

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Anonymous Beth said...

These posters are so powerful- I love the simple 1-color bold look. The white space is like an instant mat, it really gets the message across and draws you in.

Blogger P said...

Fantastic posters - fabulous blog. Found you through Love Made Visible and am so happy I did!


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