Friday, January 12, 2007

Ray Fenwick

I've been hearing a lot of Ray Fenwick lately, fellow Canadian, master of handwritten serifs. The kind that may actually elicit drool.

I was recently reminded of Ray while flipping through the current issue of Print magazine. But, he has long been building an online presence. You can find his wallpaper at You Work for Them, tees at Threadless, and some very inspiring works of graphic design and illustration at Co & Co.

And, drumroll please, he can be constantly admired by way of his flickr account, where there also sits (incredible, lush, throned) pages from the Hall of Best Knowledge. Just take a look. You will be amazed.

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Anonymous susan said...

ooh! I love this!
This would make great wrapping paper!
....This design basically sums up how I feel when I'm giving a gift that I reeeeeally hope someone's going to like!

ps-- I love your blog!


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